MSDW Podcast: Microsoft update on Dynamics 365 F&O migrations and business process guides with Rachel Profitt

May 5 2023

This episode is sponsored by Microsoft. 

FastTrack senior program manager Rachel Profitt joins us to talk about Dynamics 365 F&O migrations, the latest updates to the FastTrack program, and her team's newest achievement, the launch of new business process guides and a guidance hub.

The first editions of the guides have just launched, and Rachel talks about what it means to take a business process-focused implementation, how to use the tools, how partners and users might contribute, and how to give her team feedback.

This conversation follows a Microsoft roundtable on successful AX to D365 migrations hosted by MSDW in which Rachel also participated. 

Show Notes:

  • 3:00 - Reviewing recent and upcoming community events and activities
  • 8:00 - The return of bigger user-focused events in Europe
  • 11:30 - The launch of the Dynamics 365 Guidance Hub
  • 15:00 - Using the process catalog: Defining project scope, capabilities, and how it fits into project management
  • 19:00 - The evolution of the Guidance Hub with feedback from customers and partners
  • 21:00 - Which parts of the process catalog are most developed today
  • 27:00 - Common scenarios in which customers can take advantage of this guidance
  • 28:00 - How the FastTrack team is progressing to incorporate more implementation process in addition to technical expertise


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