MSDW Podcast: Gordon McKenna on Microsoft Inspire 2021 cloud themes

July 17 2021

Microsoft offered partners a wealth of Azure-related updates at Inspire 2021. To help us get our bearings on them all, we invited Gordon McKenna, a veteran Microsoft MVP and CTO for public cloud at Ensono, to join us for a conversation. Gordon shared his perspective on both the hybrid scenarios that his clients frequently care about and some of the forward-looking goals that Microsoft has set with new Azure and other cloud-related product and service updates.

Show Notes:

  • 2:15 - Experiences as an MVP
  • 3:30 - Microsoft's hybrid cloud updates and how they will help customers
  • 10:30 - Converging services around public cloud
  • 12:00 - Updates from Microsoft on Azure Kubernetes Service
  • 16:00 - The explosion in cloud data projects and new migration scenarios for partners
  • 20:30 - How to evaluate Microsoft's priorities, including in Teams
  • 23:15  - The Windows 365 opportunity alongside WVD, AVD, and Citrix
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