Microsoft's expanded Dynamics AX supply chain portfolio: Will it boost competitiveness?

August 9 2013

In July, supply chain management solutions provider Blue Horseshoe of Carmel, Indiana, announced a collaboration agreement with Microsoft that included the acquisition of the former's Warehousing for AX (WAX) and Transportation for AX (TRAX) solutions.

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Excellent job on covering the recent Dynamics AX supply chain portfolio upgrade. Microsoft should be congratulated for elevating supply chain management's stature in their AX solution, it was long overdue. You are essentially correct that it is a small step toward achieving Tier I SCM ranking. SAP and Oracle have a head start in this area, but the message is being sent that Microsoft is a serious player and that going forward, MS will support additional supply chain features and functionality. Aristides (Ari) P. Smith, President & CEO Next Generation Logistics, Inc. 1611 Colonial Parkway, Inverness IL 60067 USA Email: Office: 847-963-0007 Ext. 112 Fax: 847-963-0079 Hours: Mon - Fri, 8:00AM – 5:00PM CST

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It’s exciting to hear that Microsoft acquired the strong warehousing and transportation modules from its partner Blue Horseshoe. Adding these modules as standard features in the state-of-the-art Microsoft Dynamics AX business management system will be welcomed by many Australian businesses. As a fully integrated system, Microsoft Dynamics will provide these companies with “one version of the truth”. What makes this important is that it will provide improved performance, productivity and accuracy needed in our supply chain, logistics and transport industry locally at a price that is affordable and faster to deploy. This article in Supply Chain Review further looks into this, To read about Hands-on Systems solution for the supply chain industry, please visit Joel Ramirez Hands-on Systems Australia