Microsoft Power BI Insights: Data type preservation; Optimizing for CPU usage; Connecting with SQL Profiler

September 27 2021

Power BI experts discuss ways to preserve data types with queries, optimize CPU usage, and connect with Power BI Premium User with SQL Profiler.

Preserving data types with queries

Chris Webb built off a recent blog topic about enabling query folding while using SQL as Power Query data source. He discussed an important added detail: preserving the original data types in the columns of the query. Demoing the appearance of M code and dates in the Power Query, he wrote:

If you want the types in the output of Value.NativeQuery to match the types in the output of the first Power Query query above there’s an extra option you need to add: PreserveTypes=true…This option is only available for the SQL Server connector (and connectors related to it) at the time of writing.

The case for optimizing Power BI Premium reports for CPU

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