Microsoft Keeps Dynamics ERP's HR Management Capabilities Low Profile in Crowded HRMS Space

February 22 2012

When it comes to human resource management systems, Forrester Research recently found that Workday, Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), and SAP lead the pack - each with its own unique strengths. The Microsoft Dynamics unit declined to participate, according to a footnote in the Forrester report.

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I am comfortable implementing GP HR/PR in the ERP space and have done so on numerous occasions. However, there are dozens of areas where Microsoft Dynamics GP could use some attention. I recently tried to create a benefit based on 14 income tiers but HR/PR only has 5 income tiers. The product continues to lack an ability to enter a negative payroll transaction - relying instead on an extra-cost ISV solution. HR/PR cannot handle a situation where an employer wants to match a 401(K) with something like 100% match up to 1% and 50% match on the rest. And HR/PR cannot track the maximum retirement contribution across TWO benefits like 401(k) and ROTH. I like GP HR/PR but I'd definitely like to see some investment/attention to the areas where the product is inadequate for common tasks and needs to rely on extra-cost third-party solutions. A few years back Microsoft stepped up and purchased almost all of the Integrity-Data solutions and rolled them into the HR/PR product. A stellar move like that needs to be achieved again and we'd be getting where we need to be. Plus, Integrity-Data could then begin to fill the remaining holes in the solution and I'd continue to whine about the need for third-party solutions... :-). Mike Lupro - MCP