From the Microsoft Dynamics GP Blogs: Security fixes; SmartList; Timecards pending approval; Write off

February 15 2019

In this week's Microsoft Dynamics GP blog roundup:

  • GP easy security fixes for customer payments
  • SmartList options
  • Create a delegate account for 'timecards pending approval'
  • My write-off doesn't add up!

GP easy security fixes for customer payments

On his blog, Mark Polino is writing a series of posts on easy fixes to boost the security of Dynamics GP. This post is about customer payments.

Polino pointed out that there is a history of fraud around receivables.

In many cases, this involves intercepting payments and then manipulating the accounting records to hide the missing payments. Two common manipulations are lapping and write-off/discount adjustments.

In his blog post, Polino explained exactly how lapping and write-off or discount adjustments work. He also explained how to prevent these manipulations.

You can find out how here.

SmartList options

On her blog, Microsoft MVP Jen Kuntz discussed the many things you can do with SmartList options without the need to use SmartList Designer or Builder to create new SmartLists.

In her post, Kuntz pointed out the things you can do with the SmartList options window, such as set the defaults on every SmartList object in the system, including custom-built SmartLists. She then explained how to use the SmartList options window to do those things.

I find this to be a very useful window, especially when adding new SmartLists if you want to set a different default maximum number of records.

You can read about SmartList options here.

Create a delegate account for 'timecards pending approval'

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