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From the Microsoft Dynamics GP Blogs: Modern authentication email; Visual Studio error; Canadian payroll tax

by MSDW Reporter
Editorial Team,

In this week's Microsoft Dynamics GP blog roundup:

  • Dynamics GP October 2022: modern authentication in web client
  • Dynamics GP add-ins and Visual Studio 2022 error adding new form
  • An unknown error sending mail in Dynamics GP with Office 365
  • Dynamics GP Canadian payroll 2023 tax updates

Dynamics GP October 2022 - modern authentication in web client

Writing on the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog, Lucas Miller stated that with the October 2022 release of Dynamics GP Web Client 18.5, users can opt to use modern authentication for emails.

However, he noted that do this, you'll have to do some additional setup in the app registration in Azure Active Directory as well as in the Dynamics GP client. In his blog post, Miller provided information about how modern authentication e-mail works differently in the web client and the desktop client.

Miller explained how to configure the app registration in Azure AD. To get started, you have to follow the previously documented steps in the Microsoft Learn article on the subject. Then he detailed the rest of the steps you'll need to take to configure the app registration.

Miller also explained how to configure Dynamics GP to use the modern authentication for emails, which takes place in the company email setup window.

Dynamics GP add-ins and Visual Studio 2022 error adding new form

On his blog, Tim Wappat stated that when you use the Visual Studio add-in template extension for Dynamics GP with Visual Studio 2022, you may experience the following error:

"The designer could not be shown for this file because none of the classes within it can be designed. The designer inspected the following classes in the file: DynamicsGPForm1 — The base class 'Microsoft.Dexterity.Shell.DexUIForm' could not be loaded. Ensure the assembly has been referenced and that all projects have been built."

In the 2022 release, Visual Studio went fully 64 bit and is now running as a 64-bit application. This means when a user is working inside Visual Studio, everything in the integrated development environment is running as a 64 bit application, he explained.

Wappat noted that this represents a push toward the general adoption of 64 bit as the new standard normal. In his view, this is great overall, except for the fact that Dynamics GP is a 32-bit application, and it's not likely to become 64 bit anytime soon. In his blog post, Wappat offered a workaround to a typical issue related to this disparity.

An unknown error occurred sending mail in Dynamics GP with Office 365

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