From the Microsoft Dynamics GP Blogs: Fixed asset labeling; Error message; Management Reporter; Payables

April 12 2019

This week on the Microsoft Dynamics GP blog roundup:

  • Fixed asset labeling
  • Resetting the Management Reporter data mart
  • Default distributions in Dynamics GP payables
  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Fixed asset labeling

On her Tips, Tricks & Thoughts on Microsoft Dynamics GP  blog, MVP Jen Kuntz stated that she wrote this post in response to an issue a user was having with asset numbering not tying back to the asset tags. The asset numbering was ending up out of sequence.

However, she noted that her response was more of a general tip around asset ID numbering vs. asset tagging and use of the asset label field.

Kuntz stated that although there isn't a right or wrong answer, her preference is to utilize the asset label field if your organization wants to track the physical asset label of an item, even if you currently used the asset ID number for that label.

In her post, Kuntz reviewed the asset general window and then explained her preference for using the asset label field to do that tracking.

You can read her explanation here.

Resetting the Management Reporter data mart

On the Dynamics GP Support and Services blog, Greg Byer stated that the team has received  some questions about troubleshooting the data mart as well as how to rebuild or reset the data mart when necessary. His post sought to clarify when it is necessary to reset the data mart and clear up some misunderstandings around the process.

Byer stated that a number of his customers frequently rebuild the data mart. However, they shouldn't be doing this. Although there are certain scenarios where rebuilding the data mart is required, it shouldn't be done in most cases.

In fact, rebuilding the data mart without talking with our support team means if there was an issue, we can't fix it to make sure it doesn't happen again. So, when do you need to rebuild the data mart?

You can find out the answer to that question here.

Default distributions inDynamics GP payables

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