From the Microsoft Dynamics GP Blogs: File issues; Timeout errors; New fiscal year; App logs

May 3 2019

In this week's Microsoft Dynamics GP blog roundup:

  • How to fix a messed up Dynamics GP file association
  • Dealing with timeout errors in GP
  • Unable to create a new fiscal year
  • The case for detailed application logs

How to fix a messed up Dynamics GP file association

On The Dynamics GP Geek Blog, Beat Bucher stated that every so often since he's been working with Dynamics GP, he comes across systems where the extension association for GP files is messed up. This was happening more frequently on x64-bit systems (Windows 7-10, Server 2012 and up).

Bucher pointed out that previous fixes to the problem were incomplete.

My good friend David Musgrave had posted something about how to fix that many years ago in 2009 and I bumped into a 2011 community thread about the very same topic, but to me both posts where either incomplete or confusing in their instructions. Sure, David provided a file to fix the problem with one mouse click (or so he thought), but it’s an incomplete solution.

In his blog post, Bucher explained the issue and then offered an in-depth solution. You can find what the fix is here.

Dealing with timeout errors in GP

On the Dynamics Support and Services Blog, Lucas Boewood asked readers to imagine that the tomorrow is the deadline to finish closing the prior year.

Although you've never done it before, you're following the support guide and so far so good. In fact, you've made it to the step of clicking 'close year in the year-end closing window (Step 11).

There are only a few steps left and you're home free. However, a "query timeout expired" error message pops up and stops the whole process. You do everything you can to try and figure out what the problem is so that you can fix it but no dice.

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