The Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation Team: Understand the Roles that Determine Success

November 18 2012

In my last article I looked at some of the essential planning that should go into a Microsoft Dynamics AX project.  The goals set out for the project can only be achieved with the right implementation team.

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Great article! One area I'd like to point out is that the coordination of efforts between the Client PM and the Partner PM is a very important relationship that must be very high functioning to insure the success of the project planning and management of activities. This relationship must be rock-solid and the 2 roles need to be working in tight concert to make sure all parties have transparency and ownership of tasks is well established. Just an additional thought. Happy New Year! Scott Priestley

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Thank you for your point, this is a very critical joint effort between Project Manager (Partner, and Customer) to work shoulder to shoulder to ensure they identified a SMART project plan, and being together in preparation of project status, and project progress as well. Mohamed Aamer, MVP, MCC, MCP, MCT