From the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Blogs: Inventory transactions; Latin America country coverage; Order scheduling; Subcontracting

March 27 2023

In this week’s Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations blog roundup:

  • Archive inventory transactions in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
  • Extended out-of-the-box country coverage in Latin America
  • Order start/end schedule dates
  • Subcontracting in Dynamics 365 Finance: BOMs

Archive inventory transactions in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Writing on his blog, Saurabh Bharti stated that over time, the inventory transactions table (InventTrans) will continue to grow and consume more database space. Consequently, queries made against the table will gradually become slower.

In his blog post, Bharti provided information on how to use the Inventory transactions archive feature to archive data about inventory transactions to help boost system performance. Bharti stated only financially updated inventory transactions can be archived in a selected closed ledger period.

To be archived, financially updated outbound inventory transactions must have an issue status of Sold, and inbound inventory transactions must have a receipt status of Purchased.

He the explained how to do this and provided a demonstration.

D365FO extends out-of-the-box country coverage in Latin America

On the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blog, Mikhail Filatov noted that since customers run D365FO globally, they must meet multiple tax compliance and other regulatory and local business practice requirements with localizations. These requirements are complex and change frequently, especially in many countries within Latin America (LATAM).

Filatov stated that in D365FO 2023 release wave 1, Microsoft will ship localizations for seven additional LATAM countries: Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

In the blog post, Filatov explained that there are more than 100 new features in the new LATAM localizations covering key globalization areas in D365FO, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and Dynamics 365 Project Operations, including tax determination and calculation, electronic invoicing and invoicing processes, and tax audit and reporting.

Filatov then offered a sneak peak into the localization for Chile.

Order start/end schedule dates in D365

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