From the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central blogs: Payment tolerance; Power Automate connector; Data search app; Reverse posted sales invoice

November 25 2022

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This week on the Dynamics 365 Business Central blog roundup:

  • Set up payment tolerance
  • Power Automate connector: Be aware of this strange issue
  • The Business Central 'data search' app (under the hood)
  • Learn how to save time by using the 'cancel' option to reverse a posted sales invoice

Set up payment tolerance

Writing on his blog, Brad Prendergast called readers' attention to Business Central's  payment tolerances when applying payments to invoices. Once it's set up, a payment tolerance will close an invoice when a payment doesn't totally cover the amount on the invoice.

A payment tolerance is typically used for a small amount, which would likely cost more to correct than to accept, according to Prendergast. In his blog post, Prendergast offered step-by-step instructions on how to set up a payment tolerance. Once set up, payment tolerances rules are applied to customer payments. You can also enable alerts that will show you the payment tolerance amount and let you choose the action to take with the payment.

Dynamics 365 Business Central and Power Automate connector: be aware of this strange issue

On his blog, Stefano Demiliani stated that when you're working with Business Central and Power Automate, sometimes the D365BC connector can make you crazy. Demiliani noted that when you add an action from the D365BC connector, the selected action might not show you the right inputs but rather the generic "raw inputs" field. The question is: why don't you see the right input fields?

Demiliani explained that this happens because most of the Power Automate actions in the D365BC connector have dynamic inputs, which means that same action can have different inputs depending on the context.

As an example, if you select the Create Record (V3) action, the input fields that this action presents to you are different if you want to create for example a Customer record and a Sales Invoice record.

In his post, Demiliani explained how to deal with this so you won't go crazy.

The Business Central 'data search' app (under the hood)

Writing on his blog, Waldo, aka Eric Wauters, stated that one of the things that slipped by him was a simple, yet powerful concept: search for "any" record in your data. Wauters pointed out that there's a brief explanation of the feature in Microsoft documentation

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