Before Investing in S&OP Software, Get a Handle on Planning Needs

January 24 2013

Technology is facilitating Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) for companies that are intent on aligning demand and supply to drive business outcomes, but the solutions aren't any easier to cull through and select from. In fact, even with the proliferation of enterprise-wide and best-of-breed S&OP solutions, supply chain analyst Lora Cecere says a mere 10 percent of companies are fully leveraging their capabilities in this area.

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Check out and our approach to using Excel as the user interface and working surface while using backend large scale servers to synchronize the enterprise and extended enterprise data This approach is perfect for Microsoft users as retains friendly known tool and ability to make changes while providing the supply chain data feed coordination and planning results synchronized both within and in the extended enterprise Analysts and software "experts" who preach Excel is bad for S&OP are just plain have something other to sell and have never done real planning or analytics.