How Microsoft Dynamics ERP users can mitigate fraud risk with AP automation

February 1 2019

Even when highly proficient with Microsoft Dynamics ERP, accounts payable teams are playing a dangerous game by employing outdated invoice processing and payment procedures. The truth is that the majority of accounts payable processing takes place outside of the ERP.

No matter how well your ERP can record and report on your financial activity, typing in invoice data and uploading required documentation will always be tedious and time-consuming. And more importantly, juggling email approvals through in your inbox and paying vendors by checks will always be risky.

The good news is your accounts payable (AP) process doesn't have to be a source of pain and risk that impacts your entire company. Disruptive automation technology is changing the way companies approach AP and mitigating their risk of fraud in the process. Before outlining how, let's first look at where in a manual accounts payable process companies run the risk of fraud.

Where manual accounts payable exposes you to fraud

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