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How to define winning technology investments with Microsoft Catalyst

by Jelena Yaruchyk

Regardless of size or industry – no company can succeed in the long run without transforming itself. Companies need to modernize their tools and adjust their processes regularly to adapt to constantly changing market conditions and keep up with their customers’ expectations.

Whether you intend to transform your entire company, or to make incremental changes like replacing outdated software – having a plan is essential.

A common mistake in transformation projects of any scope is not defining goals, and instead moving directly to the implementation of new technologies. You need to understand that the technologies you use are merely tools to achieve a higher goal.

What is Microsoft Catalyst?

Microsoft developed its Catalyst program to help companies approach their (digital) transformation with a thought-through plan that positions technology investment in the context of clear business goals. Catalyst is based on experiences from past transformation projects as well as on scientifically proven concepts from McKinsey and Harvard Business School.

A trained and certified Microsoft Catalyst partner like proMX guides you through different activities with the purpose of finding an answer to the question: What do you want to achieve with the transformation of your company? 

Once the answer is clear, further workshops and remote activities led by the Microsoft Catalyst partner help you find suitable workflows and supportive technologies. There are three angles to consider for every initiative:

  • Technical feasibility: Do you have an IT infrastructure that allows for the integration of your preferred new software?
  • Financial viability: How can you afford realizing the intended changes?
  • Human desirability: What positive effects do the change leaders expect for their company’s employees and customers?  


Image by proMX

The IDEA framework

The IDEA framework is the core of the Microsoft Catalyst program's activities and deliverables and consists of four phases: Inspire, Design, Empower and Achieve.

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About Jelena Yaruchyk

Jelena Yaruchyk is Marketing Director of proMX, a Microsoft Gold Partner and a System Integrator for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Azure. As an ISV, proMX has been distributing project management add-ons for Dynamics since 2008.

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