How B2B prospect data is transforming to meet a changing market

January 4 2019

B2B prospect data, introduced into the market more than a decade ago, was revolutionary. Suddenly sellers had rich data and news about their prospects at their fingertips within CRM, all updated in real-time. It was a game changer, giving sellers a competitive advantage, not to mention time saved in doing pre-call research. It was such a competitive advantage, in fact, that Microsoft started including it in CRM licenses to give their customers a competitive edge that in turn gave Dynamics CRM an advantage over its competitors.

But a decade is a lifetime in the tech world, and prospect data has become more or less a commodity. Or has it?  We’ve seen some exciting developments in B2B prospect data over the past couple of years, prompted by market changes that are once again giving progressive businesses a competitive boost.

What market changes?

About Heidi Tucker

Heidi Tucker is vice president of alliances and business development at InsideView where she manages channel distribution, OEM partnerships, and strategic alliances, including InsideView’s long-standing relationship with Microsoft. She has been leading marketing, sales, and business development for cloud, financial services, and data companies for over 20 years. Heidi previously held executive positions at Hoover’s, First Research (a D&B company), and Bank of America.


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