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How to automate new vendor setup in Dynamics GP while maintaining internal controls

by Steve Allen
CEO and Founder, DocuPhase Corporation,

In the US and worldwide, the accounting automation scene has grown rapidly over the past decade. Even as usage grows, there are holdouts - companies that aren't comfortable automating because they feel that they'll lose something in translation. This is a valid concern. While automating accounting tasks and processes can reduce processing time and increase accuracy for your company, it can also leave you vulnerable if you're not vigilant in making sure that your established internal controls are maintained.

Automation offers big promises, with researchers expecting up to 99% accuracy rates and growing coverage of accounting tasks. But for conscientious accounting professionals, the question that keeps popping up is this: How can you automate your accounting processes without sacrificing the internal controls that are necessary within your accounting and finance department?

What are internal controls?

First of all, let's talk about exactly what it means to have internal controls. In accounting, internal controls are the specific procedures you use to ensure that your processes are reliable and your data is accurate. For example, you can separate duties to prevent fraud, limit access to certain documents and data, or require approvals to pass through multiple levels. Chron explains that an internal control framework is "designed to prevent fraud and identify errors before they become problems." Every accounting department should have these types of controls built into their processes.

How can you automate accounting while keeping internal controls in place?

New vendor setup in GP

With an accounting automation solution, you can speed up key accounting processes like new vendor setup, while still keeping the same checks and balances in place. For example, when you start working with a new vendor, ...

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About Steve Allen

Steve Allen is a lifelong entrepreneur and the Founder of DocuPhase Corporation, a company that automates the workplace and drives success, innovation, productivity, and profit for its clients. With a career that started at IBM in robotics, Steve has always focused on automating business processes or simplifying user experiences with technology. Steve has spent the past 16 years building DocuPhase with a focus on office automation and business process management.

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