The History of BI with Microsoft, through the eyes of a vendor

Rewind 25 years. An iPhone was a piece of science fiction. Personal computers cost an average of well over $1,000. And Business Intelligence was barely a whisper of a concept.

What goes into making an intelligent business decision? Information, insight, answers to your questions, to name a few. In other words: data. In the ongoing quest for answers, the early years of technology saw data go from filing cabinets to databases. From there, companies were able to generate reports, but they were one-dimensional. Information was silo-ed and the data was fragmented.

In the 1980s, analysts looking for more insightful access across more than one location created the data warehouse. This allowed data to come from multiple locations, but as history has shown, this was merely scratching the surface.


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About Morten Middelfart

Morten Middelfart is the Chief Technology Officer at TARGIT, Dr. Middelfart's business intelligence and analytics expertise dates back to 1992, giving him more than two decades of experience in developing and managing business intelligence solutions.

By the age of 25, Morten had founded his own business intelligence company, Morton Systems. Morton Systems was sold to TARGIT in 1996. Following the sale of his company, Morten became TARGIT's CTO and chief product visionary. The TARGIT Decision Suite is largely based on the technologies and ideas developed at Morton Systems. More recently, Morten developed technologies like TARGIT's Xbone and TimeLiner to accommodate high-performance competitive analytics through the use of both internal and external data.

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