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Go Beyond Training: 5 Tips for Successful Change Management

by Jessica Noble
Management Consultant Senior Leader, Enavate

If people don’t understand what’s in it for them when their employer rolls out a new technology solution, then all the time, energy, and money you’re putting into deploying it won’t pay off.

Dedicate as much time to change management as you do to the technical aspects of any new implementation. What’s at risk if you don’t? You’ll experience low adoption levels, unrealized benefits and overall poor employee engagement and morale.

Here are some tips that go beyond just employee training to get the buy-in you need as you move forward on your digital transformation.

Get to the Heart of Pushback: Fear

How technology affects someone’s day is what matters most. If you can address the fear they have – which may or may not be realistic – you’ll get their buy-in more quickly. A team member may have had a bad experience with an implementation or may misunderstand what’s coming.

To find out what’s holding them back, ask (but not with an impersonal survey). Do a Google search to find out what other companies have experienced. And talk to the “squeakiest wheels” (with respect). If you can convince the “super complainers,” you can convince anyone.

Embrace Testing

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About Jessica Noble

Jessica Noble, MBA, CCXP is a Management Consultant and C-level advisor at Microsoft Gold Partner Enavate. She is passionate about helping leaders with experience and transformation strategy. Jessica is also an international best-selling author of two experience strategy books.

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