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Global Power Platform Bootcamp 2021 Preview: Local communities aim to grow virtually

by Jason Gumpert
January 20 2021

The Global Power Platform Bootcamp (PPB) will hold its second annual event on Feb 19 & 20.  The event, which coordinates events in local communities around the world, launched in 2020 and this year will be embracing the virtual nature of conferences by adding a 24-hour global stream featuring Microsoft representatives, MVPs, and other experts speaking to the worldwide audience. Dozens of local groups will meet virtually as well, and despite the need to remain virtual this year, organizers expect that the meetings will improve connections at a regional and national level. 

MSDW is a media sponsor of the event, and to kick off our coverage we spoke with two leaders of the events in Spain. Ana María Bisbé York is one of the key coordinators for a range of local and regional meetings during the event. A thirty-year Microsoft technical professional, she has been involved in community efforts for much of her career, starting in the SQL community and then moving to Power BI as her focus changed.  

She decided last year to become a leader of the Power Platform community in Spain. She told MSDW the Global Power Platform Bootcamp helps her and others connect with more interested professionals:  

The problem here is that we expect there are lots of people working on Power Platform tools, but we aren't able to detect or identify the people. It was for us the very first task to find the people, and our idea was to focus on local communities. We started in Madrid, but we are now working with lots of people from different places in Spain and now we have many teams. 

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