Getting the price right: Posting time entries for approval in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

April 9 2019

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation demands a nearly perfect configuration to get the results you want. For a long time, my accounting team has complained that when actuals are created for a PSA project, they pop up with zero value. In a bid to resolve the issue, I checked a few things:

  1. Does the project having a currency tagged to it?
  2. Is there a project price list?
  3. Is there a resourcing unit to tag the resource to?
  4. Within the approval tab, is there a changeable role submitted for the resource?

To my surprise, everything seemed correct. Out of curiosity I dug in one more step and that's where I found the issue.

Resolving the issue

Step 1: I navigated to D365 PSA-->resources. Search for the resource assigned for that project.


Step 2: Open the resource by clicking on it and then navigate to the scheduling tab.


Step 3: Make a note of the organizational unit mentioned for the resource. In this case it was CloudFronts Mumbai (USD).

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