Gartner's Top Vertical Industry Predictions for 2014

November 6 2013

If Gartner, Inc.'s newest lineup of vertical industry predictions is on target, then most industries are in for a period of accelerated pressures, fundamental change, and the need to either embrace digitalization or lose their competitive edges. In Top Industries Predicts 2014: The Pressure for Fundamental Transformation Continues to Accelerate, Gartner highlights a dozen strategic planning assumptions that CIOs, senior business executives, and IT

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I think this move toward cloud solutions is great, especially for SMEs. I look forward to getting away from managing virtual servers in a climate-controlled room. However, I don't have access to the necessary bandwidth to support all processing over the Internet. And, even if I did, I would be concerned with wide-area network failure shutting down my business. I can personally respond to internal failures but am completely dependent on several un-related businesses once I move to the cloud. Richard Bird