Flows from the field: Flow vs. Logic Apps; Project Contract Line; Qualifying leads; Adding a clickable link

May 31 2019

In our latest Microsoft Flow roundup we look at the debate between using Flow versus Azure Logic Apps for automation, creating a Dynamics 365 project from the Project Contract Line, qualifying leads and more.

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The debate between Flow and Azure Logic Apps

MVP Marco Amoedo wrote that until recently his outlook could be summarized as "Flow is nice but not a serious tool, we should use Logic Apps for our projects by default.". In the Microsoft business apps community, many have debated whether it's better to use Flow or Azure Logic Apps. Amoedo stated that his perspective recently changed to favor Flow for automations.

According to Amoedo, deciding which situation to use the two different systems depends on the question of integration versus automation. Flow may be the better choice for Office 365, Dynamics 365, and PowerApps automation. However, Logic Apps fits better for more complex integrations or those involving Azure. He wrote:

I am now a convert and I can see when Flow has some serious advantages over Logic Apps and the added value of its extra capabilities. I think there is a better together story in complex solutions where Flow can work as the workflow engine for automation, while Logic Apps becomes a piece of an Integration Platform based on Azure Services.

Creating a D365 project from Project Contract Line details

In version 3.6 of Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation, users can create Project Contract Line Details (PCLD) through a combination of expense estimate and project task details. According to Antti Pajunen, writing on Day to Day Dynamics 365, this data doesn't have to be entered again manually if a project with tasks gets created. However, users should be aware that this doesn't work for projects based on an order or quote.

"I've heard many customers comment that the logic of Project to Order or Project to Quote is reversed – information is moving in the wrong direction," Pajunen stated.

Although there are ways to work around this with a plug-in, Pajunen recommended using Flow. The only issue with using Flow is that if a project is created with PCLDs the UI won't show an error message. Pajunen spoke with fellow MVP Elaiza Benitez who recommended a tool created by Bruce Sithole. Dubbed 365 Notify, it's available on AppSource.

Pajunen downloaded the app and set up the process. He shared his findings, including some words of advice on timing and queries.

Qualifying leads in D365 with Flow

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