Flows from the field: Dynamics 365 PSA Planner; Dynamic attribute names; Geocodes; Approvals

May 7 2019

In our latest Microsoft Flow roundup we look at using the Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation Planner with Flow, dynamic attribute names, Flow approvals, geocoding custom entities and more.

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Setting up Planner in Dynamics 365 PSA with Flow

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA) offers a wide variety of capabilities, including the Planner function for more granular management of project tasks. Antti Pajunen, writing on the Day to Day Dynamics 365 blog, looked into a way to use Flow with the Planner function in PSA. Users need to start off by registering and Azure Active Directory application. When a project is created with Project Tasks in PSA, a Planner bucket and tasks appear and users can set a flow to trigger when a new project record is created.

Pajunen explained that from there, users must initialize variables and set up JSON for an Office 365 group. He warned that "List my plans" actions may come into play during the flow creation, which users may need to skirt around with "Do until" loops.

Flow dynamic attribute names

Globally, there is no standardization of how names should be entered into a CRM. While the West has largely adopted a first name-last name convention, Chinese names can prove more complicated. George Doubinski, writing on CRM Tip of the Day, demonstrated how to apply a first name-last name model to CRM contacts in China.

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