eBook Giveaway: Building Dashboards with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and Excel 2013

Building Dashboards with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and Excel 2013Where will Microsoft Dynamics GP solution owners find that next level of value from their ERP investment?  Let's not downplay the important fundamentals of any ERP, but the next level of value for most firms comes from the analysis of all that accurate and well-managed business data.


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Got to love dashboards

As a partner we are looking for more and more ways to get the information out of systems. Our primary source is GP, but also CRM. Dashboards whether built with Excel, or SSRS are definitely where things are going to go to. You don't want your CEO inside of GP asking all sorts of questions, you want to give them the answers right at their finger tips and in a way that they understand it.

Also would love to have a chance to win a copy of this book :), I always enjoy reading the articles and responses from Mark.


Dashboards take the pain out of reporting

Having undertaken a full-scale review of all systems and processes before selecting our new ERP platform and BI tools, I am acutely aware of how much time is spent/'wasted' by employees building and running reports on a regular basis just to cobble together some sort of 'state of play' review for an area of the business.
Even when the reports are fine-tuned to deliver precisely what you want, there always seems to be a modicum of re-formatting to be done before presentation to senior management/exec for review.

By pushing such data through a dashboard, everyone becomes familiar with what is being reported, and how we as a group are performing.
It also provides an easy-to-access site for everyone to go to at any point and review.
This can remove the need for individuals to find a mutually convenient time to meet and 'present' the information to others.

The only caveat to the process is that everyone must have total confidence in the data being presented. Dashboards can transform a business overnight, but only if the ground work is put in beforehand to ensure there are fully robust and consistent systems of work to enter the base data that the dashboard pulls from.

User's reporting tool of choice is Excel

As I meet with clients, the de facto reporting choice is excel. It is not good enough to provide a beautiful SSRS report or smartlist. Invariably, they want the report in excel so they can explore and analyze the data. Being able to deliver dashboards and reports directly in excel eliminates a lot of effort clients will go to get "get" the report into excel. Between data connections back to GP and powerful new technologies such as Power Pivot, end users have a lot of power at their fingertips. Our challenge will be to deliver the data in a way to facilitate this. I look forward to new insights from Mark's book as we continue this journey. I would love a copy of Mark's book


As the main user of GP for our company, I would love to learn more ways to create "snapshots" of high level informational reports to give to our CFO and CEO. I would love to have a chance to win one of the books you are giving away. Thanks for the opportunity.

PowerPivot Reporting

As Director of Business Development at Pivotstream, I would like to thank Mark for the mention of our Cloud PowerPivot solutions. If you would like additional information on Pivotstream or participate in our Free Trial please visit our website, http://www.pivotstream.com.

John Casey


I am sure this book will be as good or better than his cookbook and will give us great examples and tools to get better data from dynamics. keep up the good work and thanks for all of your contributions to the Dynamics community.

Steve Berlin

Dashboards -- the IN way to present data

We currently do quite a bit of dashboard reporting, so I'm always looking at ways to present data in a dashboard type format.

Margaret Norkett
DBA Commercial Foodservice Repair

Dashboard reporting

Our current "snapshot" reporting is all manual input. As the primary analytical accountant, I am always looking for ways to get the data I need in a more efficient way. Looking forward to implementing the use of GP dashboards & Excel!

Julie Stewart

End User in the driver's seat

The move to self-service BI using excel is on our roadmap to explore and evaluate as a reporting tool that is closer to the end users and their perspectives. We suspect it will enable them to leverage data/reporting more effeciently. A dashboard utilizing Excel and GP could fit as part of this strategy.

Would love to see more HR Dashboards

We could really use a dashboard to let us know where all our employees are located, but even more so to be able to see their PTO, carryover, total entitlement, accrual to date and remaining.

One of our generalist in HR could use a dashboard to know where she is on each of the employees she is onboarding. We currently use a SmartList that shows what needs to be completed from the onboarding process in HR.


eBook Winners!

Thanks to all who left comments and shared their dashboard experiences and plans. The three winners, chosen at random are:

js2012 (Julie Stewart)
sueconrod (Sue Conrod)

Packt will be in touch with you to provide your prizes.

Thanks again!


Dashboards in GP2013 and Excel 2013

We recently upgraded to GP2010 and Office 2013.
Will Mr. Polinos book serve as a resoruce using the listed technologies we are using? I ahve been tasked with developing a dashboard.
I would like to think that this would work for me, however I do not want to assume.

Please advise, thank you