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For Dynamics AX Users, Bottomline’s Document Management Solution May Be the Add-On They Never Knew Was There

by Linda Rosencrance
Contributing Writer, MSDW
August 04 2010

Microsoft Dynamics AX customers know generating and delivering transactional documents such as invoices, payments and purchase orders helps them compete more effectively in a global marketplace.  But in a crowded document management market, customers look for something that stands out.

"Our differentiator is ease of use," says Chris Luoma, director of product marketing at payment and invoice automation specialists Bottomline Technologies. "In the AX world, we have two classes of [document management] competitors. The first are those that do things inside AX itself, which usually requires a lot of custom programming, and a lot of coding. And then there are others that offer solutions that are somewhat similar to what we do."

Bottomline's solution aims to make users more productive, cuts costs associated with managing complex global financial and supply chain processes, and respond to the changing demands of the regulatory environment, according to Luoma.

Ease of use means, in part, allowing users to design the look and feel of the reports themselves.  Bottomline offers a graphical user interface, a drag and drop feature and a feature that lets users draw boxes-features that will make users who are familiar with Microsoft Word or Microsoft Visio comfortable.

"And we plug into AX so once the reports are designed in our tool and published the users are staying inside AX and are able to access different reports so we're not requiring them to learn a new tool," Luoma said. "From an end user standpoint it's AX. It looks and feels like AX because it is. We're designing it inside the AX modules. We allow the end users to live and breathe in AX."

Users can generate Bottomline reports ...

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About Linda Rosencrance

Linda Rosencrance is a freelance writer/editor in the Boston area. Rosencrance has over 25 years experience as an reporter/investigative reporter, writing for many newspapers in the metropolitan Boston area. Rosencrance has been writing about information technology for the past 16 years.

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Rosencrance is the author of six true crime books for Kensington Publishing Corp.

Submitted by martincee22@ho… on Fri, 08/06/2010 - 03:55 Permalink

I've been using Bottomline Create!Form document management suite since April 2009. Initially simply to turn AX Reports into professional customer facing documents - this element alone will have saved many hours of expensive development time. I then worked on my second AX contract from September 2009 to July 2010 where I fully implemented Create!Form application. The project involved the following:- 25 professional customer facing documents. 2 data extracts for a third party pining and document distribution centre. 7 different purchase orders the correct one selected based on data from the AX report Emailing documents picking the recipient and subject from the AX report. Controlling the behaviour of the Create!Form application by using parameters set within AX Two Document queues one for normal printing the other for processing batch jobs. We really pushed the application an I can see the value Bottomline document management can bring to any Dynamics AX implementation. I am currently out of contract and available to help AX resellers and end users drive the maximum value from the the Create!Form application. I also have some knowledge of X++ having developed a number of AX reports during my last contract. If anyone I interested in my services please do not hesitate to contact me. Martin Chatterton Create!form / AX Development Consultant (07777) 641848

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