Containing costs in the cloud: Azure deployments that manage spending

July 13 2020

There was a time not so long ago when the cloud was still though of as a novelty, even in the IT departments of many large companies. Through the mid- to late-2010s, many organizations adopted the piecemeal cloud adoption, with experimental or partial deployments. But the last few years have witnessed a cloud-first shift, now accelerating even more following months of disruption brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As organizations have discovered, moving workloads to the cloud is more than a technical change. It also forces managers to deal with new and often opaque pricing models. Finance departments and IT executives are often poorly equipped to understand the dynamics of cloud spending, let alone the techniques to help cut down on mounting charges.  

How should organizations manage costs in the cloud? The answers are rapidly evolving, so we reached out to current experts on cloud cost containment to find out what Azure customers can do now to cut costs for tomorrow.

Identifying areas of overspend

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