Conflict: A critical ingredient to ERP implementation success

Conflict is generally seen as an undesirable thing, and much of society's conflict is. Spousal abuse, for example, is something that should be eradicated from our society, as is terrorism. All over the world, there are a plethora of corporate training courses on conflict resolution skills. Conflict in general is not seen as desirable in the workplace.

However, having different opinions can be healthy. Passionate debate over opinions can enhance creativity and innovation. Ask any marriage counselor and you will find that the ability to fight in a healthy manner is seen as a good thing. In fact, the lack of this skill is a major cause of breakdowns in marriages.


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About David Ogilvie

David Ogilvie is a Brisbane, Australia-based consultant whose mission is "Helping Executives Build Profitable Companies & Maximise ERP Investments. He aims to work with people motivated by the possibility of transforming their business operations," achieved through the use of Lean Manufacturing and other modern Supply Chain Management techniques; and through the productive use of technology such as ERP software systems and real time data collection systems. He may be reached at

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