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Biz Apps Classroom, Episode 10: Applied skills and hiring with EY Kalman

by MSDW Reporter
Editorial Team,

Microsoft MVP and MCT EY Kalman joins us in the Biz Apps Classroom to discuss Microsoft's Applied Skills and Applied Labs, his view on the employment landscape, and some tips on making yourself a more attractive candidate.

Topics of the discussion include:

  • Microsoft certifications and their value for landing a new job.
  • Other ways EY's team evaluates candidates based on technology, roles, and other considerations.
  • Why EY believes the PL-200 is a good starter exam for candidates, even if they are new to Microsoft Business Applications. 
  • Whether college matters when hiring for Business Applications consulting roles.
  • How to interpret the completion of Applied Skills by a candidate.
  • Why Applied Skills can be a headache for more experienced Microsoft professionals
  • EY's recent experiences finding skilled candidates to fill his firm's open roles
  • Tips for building your skill set without an employer


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