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Azure Updates: OpenTelemetry; LoRa Alliance; Video analytics

by MSCN Reporter
Staff Writer,
September 27 2021

Matthew McCleary, writing on the Microsoft TechCommunity indicated that Microsoft is embracing OpenTelemetry for the future of its telemetry instrumentation. The partnership with the OpenTelemetry community comes in response to customer demand for a vendor neutral instrumentation option. Users are able to send data to Azure Monitor with a  Direct Exporter or using an Agent. In the short run, this will focus on direct exporters for supported languages.

In a similar move, Tony Shakib GM and partner for Azure IoT Engineering is joining the board of the LoRa Alliance, the association backing the LoRaWAN low-power wide-area network standard for IoT. “Microsoft has invested billions of dollars to enable customers to build digital twins of the physical world. The digital twin enables customers to analyze, predict and control environments across industries, whether monitoring production lines, managing worker safety, optimizing supply chains or delighting retail customers. A critical link in these digital transformations is the connectivity fabric, and LoRaWAN has unique capabilities to help fulfill that vision. We are excited to join the LoRa Alliance and deepen our collaboration with members to help our customers succeed in IoT," stated Shakib.

Victor Bahl, CTO of Azure for Operators highlighted ways to leverage video analytics at the edge using 5G technology. He shared the example of the company's VisionZero traffic analysis partnership with the city of Bellevue, Washington, and ways that customers could use video analytics to support self-driving cars. He wrote:

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