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Azure Partner Roundup: Defense; Health IT; Azure AD; Government Secret

by MSCN Reporter
Staff Writer,
December 03 2022

Hadean focuses on digital transformation for defense, Singapore Ministry of Health deploys Health Discovery Plus with Azure, Keepit launches protection for Azure AD, and Summit 7 leverages Azure Government Secret for classified data.

Hadean focuses on digital transformation for defense

Hadean, a metaverse startup, announced a collaboration with Microsoft for the defense industrial base industries. Through a new partnership, Hadean’s metaverse infrastructure will be deployed in Azure for cloud-based military training capabilities.

The two companies recently demonstrated the British Army Collective Training Transformation Programme, a cloud distributed simulation. Together, Microsoft and Hadean plan to focus on cross-domain integration and data-based decision making.

"Microsoft is a trusted partner in defence and intelligence with a track-record of delivering secure cloud services that empower system integrators and transform capabilities to meet the requirements of modern militaries,” stated Hadean CEO, Craig Beddis. “We're excited to deepen our relationship with a new collaboration and combine our expertise to push the limit of what is possible with cloud computing, enhance Microsoft Azure and pioneer capabilities for military training and simulation."

Singapore Ministry of Health deploys Health Discovery Plus with Azure

Singapore’s Ministry of Health has adopted Health Discovery Plus, which runs on Azure, as a part of its Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS) national health technology agency. The new initiative will be used to monitor chronic diseases like hypertension.

The agency had to coordinate among healthcare providers to standardize clinical protocols to track chronic disease information. So far, 3,400 patients have downloaded and used a mobile app as part of the initiative.

“With COVID-19, we realised the importance of the HD VSM platform, where people were empowered to take care of their well-being by monitoring their own vital signs from home. As these submissions triggered threshold alerts for patients who require medical attention, the care team was able to timely intervene for these patients. This results in a new model of care for COVID-19 patients,” stated Torres Arifin Oey, Deputy Director, Software Engineering Department of IHiS.

Keepit launches protection for Azure AD

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