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Azure Insights: PowerShell; Hotpatching; Event Hubs; DevOps

by MSCN Reporter
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March 08 2021

Microsoft Azure pros share their insights on PowerShell predictions, hotpatching, Event Hubs, and shifting to Azure DevOps.

PowerShell predictions

Microsoft senior cloud advocate Thomas Maurer looked into PowerShell Predictive IntelliSense and Az Predictor, which he found similar to AI-supported Azure CLI commands in az find.

To get started, users need PowerShell 7.1 and newer as well as PSReadline 2.2.0-beta1. He shared commands to install Az.Tools.Predictor, import the module, enable plugins, and optionally enable list view mode. Maurer wrote:

The Azure PowerShell modules has over 4,000 cmdlets and, on average, ten parameters per cmdlet. This can make it hard to find the right cmdlet and parameter for what you want to do. To make this easier, the team created the Az Predictor, an intelligent command completion module for Azure PowerShell. Az Predictor will help you with predictions when you run Azure PowerShell.

The consumer side of Azure Event Hubs

Arunkumar Kumaresan, writing on the Serverless360 blog, discussed Event Hubs, which provide scalable telemetry for data ingestions from websites and apps, or IoT architectures. Users are able to consume Event Hubs with Event Hub Receivers or EventProcessorHost. Sometimes, users misunderstand the concept of Message Retention which ensures events are available for a set period of time.

Kumaresan gave examples of EventHubClient to publish events, the Event Consumer Application, and the Event Processor implementation. Common scenarios include using Event Hub with existing data, consuming unread data, or consuming exclusively new data.  

TFS upgrades and shifting to Azure DevOps

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