Azure Insights: AKS costs; Inspec-Azure; Durable Functions

August 21 2020

Microsoft Azure pros share insights on estimating Kubernetes Service costs, using the Inspec-Azure bundle and resolving a common issue with Durable Functions.

Estimating Kubernetes costs

Karim Vaes explored how users can estimate the costs associated with Azure Kubernetes Service. The service's page distinguishes between Cluster Management, also known as Master Node or Kubernetes API Server, and Worker Nodes.  Cluster management is part of a basic service offering with 99.5 percent uptime. Customers can opt to purchase 99.95 percent uptime provided by Availability Zones. Worker nodes, meanwhile, are charged close to typical VM prices and have the biggest overall influence on costs, usually in the form of compute. Vaes explained the value of rightsizing:

When looking towards the compute, the VM family will have an impact of course. The B-series (“burstable“) will provide a very cost efficient solution, when the full performance is not needed all the time. Where each VM family has their own traits for which they have been designed. Next up is of course the size of the virtual machine. As you can imagine, a machine with 1 core and 2GB of memory will cost less than a machine with 10TB of memory. So choosing the right size that aligns with your needs is already a crucial step! In an on premises setup, it is common to oversize a virtual machine. This is an anti-pattern in the cloud! You can upgrade (or downgrade of course) your virtual machine when your needs change.

He detailed how snooze or scale instances, leverage Reservations, enhance fault tolerance and run simulations.

Testing Azure resources with Inspec-Azure

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