The art of mentoring a Microsoft Dynamics technical expert, and why the D365FO community needs you

September 24 2018

There is a wonderful opportunity associated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product line. There is a shortage of resources and almost an unlimited set of opportunities. I believe one way to solve this problem is to invest in developing new resources.

Early in 2017, I was named as a Microsoft MVP. For those that are not familiar with the award, it is based on factors including our contributions to the community and our perceived technical abilities.  I intend to use this honor to help develop young people into Microsoft technical professionals.

About Don Riggs

Don Riggs is a well-seasoned veteran with 25+ years of implementation consulting and 13+ years of Microsoft Dynamics AX experience. In his career, he has been involved in anything from helping design ERP systems, developing and marketing ISV solutions, to delivering a number of successful AX ERP implementations. As a regular participant in AXUG, he has delivered many courses and presentations. Don is considered by many to be an AX expert, particularly in the areas of inventory costing, manufacturing, AX project module, and implementation processes. Having attained APICS certification in the early 1980's, Don considerers himself a manufacturing consultant by trade and his love and enthusiasm for the industry has never waned. Always interested in new challenges, his branching out into other areas of the product has allowed him to become very knowledgeable in many areas. 

After a long and successful career, Don would like to share some of his hard won knowledge and experience, thereby giving back to an industry that has been very good to him. MSDynamicsWorld represents a most excellent vehicle to do that.

To learn more about Don and his company Business Process Improvement(BPI) visit their website at

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Justin Loza's picture

Sir, thanks for posting your thoughts on this subject. I did a google search and cannot locate your MVP mentorship program. I too am developing an internal training program for newbies. Mine is geared toward my company's culture, clients and processes but I would love to collaborate if there is an opportunity.

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The program is relatively new and as such my concern is over committing our ability to serve the community. We are looking for help in mentoring and system resources. We believe we can can grow the project by successfully delivering 10 to 20 qualified consultants by the end of last quarter 2018. Anyone interested in the program can contact me at Let's figure out how best to scale this into a world wide project!