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What's New With k-eCommerce

In case you haven’t heard, k-eCommerce Version 20180601 is now available!

At k-eCommerce, we take pride in our commitment to innovation and our drive for continual development. Among many other milestones on our roadmap are consistent updates and tools for optimizing website performance, since this is one of the key components to fostering customer satisfaction and ultimately generating more sales.

That’s why our latest release includes several major performance-enhancing features, as well as other improvements and other fixes. Here are some of the highlights!

Content Delivery Network

The world wide web isn’t slowing down… in fact, it’s only getting faster. As consumers everywhere get used to faster and faster loading speeds, it becomes critical for e-commerce websites to adapt in order to remain competitive.

Content Delivery Network

To make sure that k-eCommerce web stores move at the speed of the latest tech, we’ve added a Content Delivery Network(CDN) to our solution. Powered by Microsoft Azure,  the CDN acts as a kind of storage unit for the heavier elements of the web store’s pages (such as high-resolution images), which significantly reduces the amount of work the browser has to do to load the page.

The end result? Much faster loading times. And faster loading times equals happy customers.

New Page Templates

But web page speed is only part of the performance equation.

Once the page loads, the customer has to navigate the content. A high-performance website optimizes the organization of that content to make sure that the customer finds everything he or she is looking for as quickly and easily as possible.

default templates

Naturally, all of this starts with a solid page design, so we have added 10 diverse new page templates to our CMS to meet a wide range of possible web store page needs.

Import and Export Image URLs

While we were at it, we updated the product import/export feature to allow for the import and export of image URLs in every size.

product import

While that might seem like a minor update, it’s actually an extremely useful image management tool. For example, it lets you see at a glance which products in your catalog don’t have images so you can easily make sure you haven’t overlooked any. It also makes it very simple to reuse the same image for multiple products.

New Payment Profile Options

Additionally, k-eCommerce web stores now support payment profiles for the Bambora, Cybersource, and Moneris payment gateways.

payment profiles

Payment profiles allow customer data to be securely stored in order to make their future purchases that much easier. Details like this can go a long way toward building customer satisfaction and loyalty, keeping happy shoppers coming back again and again.

Naturally, these new features are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’d like to know more, get in touch with us for full details on what’s new in our latest version. And if you’ve already got a k-eCommerce web store, be sure to contact our support team to request your update to Version 20180601!