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New Metafile Fast Track Solution Quickly Transforms Accounts Payable Processes into a Paperless Operation

Rochester, Minn., Oct. 14, 2013 - Metafile, developer of the fully automated MetaViewer paperless technology for corporate accounting departments, today announced a Fast Track Implementation solution for integrating MetaViewer with Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms.

Fast Track is designed to get accounts-payable staff up and running with an automated paperless system in just 30 days. The Fast Track solution is designed to handle three key types of documents: invoices based on purchase orders; non-PO invoices; and related documentation, such as packing slips, AP checks and other transaction records.

After the Fast Track MetaViewer solution has been implemented, Metafile consultants will meet with accounting personnel to plan additional and unique capabilities that the company may require, to be developed in a second phase of implementation.

"Fast Track is meant to help businesses rapidly capitalize on technology that can eliminate paper from their AP processes," said Metafile vice president of technical services, Jim Mandt, "improving the speed and the accuracy of financial reports, cutting the costs of storing and managing paper documents, and allowing the company to take advantage of vendor incentives for on-time payments. MetaViewer offers a wide range of capabilities, and Fast Track sets AP departments on the path for immediate efficiency improvements along with future benefits."

To initiate the Fast Track service, the Metafile customer simply downloads implementation software. Following the configuration of the standard network and internet hardware, a Metafile project team guides the customer through the implementation process. Then, through a virtual private network or other fast remote connection, Metafile begins remote software implementation and initial training to complete the process.

Metafile demonstrates the Fast Track solution on the customer's system with their own invoices and provides introductory training so that the customer can begin processing paperless invoices right away. Training typically is offered in sessions of one to two hours. Topics include learning how to scan paper-based documents into MetaViewer; creating vendor profiles; administering the MetaViewer solution; training users in routing documents; approving invoices; posting GL information directly into Microsoft Dynamics and other steps based on AP automation best practices developed over the many years Metafile has been providing Paperless ERP solutions.

 "We have combined all of the advantages of an inexpensive off-the-shelf product without the restrictions on scalability, performance, or ability to tailor to our customers' unique and additional requirements," said Nick Sprau, vice president of marketing at Metafile.

The MetaViewer Fast Track solution represents best practices perfected during more than 30 years that Metafile has been providing paperless solutions. It allows customers to quickly realize the benefits of MetaViewer, become proficient at utilizing Paperless ERP within a very easy to understand and maintain web-based environment. Once that is achieved, even greater benefit can then be realized by using all of the power MetaViewer has to offer customized specifically to each business and expanded to other departments.

Combined with Microsoft Dynamics ERP technology, MetaViewer automates the complete range of accounts payable and accounts receivable processes.

About Metafile

Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Rochester, Minn., Metafile is an established, independent and efficient provider of paperless document management software applications supporting accounts payable, accounts receivable and human resources departments in middle-market and large businesses nationwide. More than 3,500 organizations have translated Metafile's content management solutions into enterprise-wide value and competitive advantage. MetaViewer is Metafile's flagship paperless document management solution, offering paper and electronic invoice capture, Web-based workflow, two- and three-way matching, real-time graphical visibility and full ERP integration. Today, more than 15,000 financial professionals worldwide are efficiently processing more than 15 million paperless transactions per week with the MetaViewer solution. For more information call 507-286-9232, email or visit


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