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Bluefort Teams Up with TeamCentral to Enhance B2B Automation and Integration Capabilities


Bluefort, a leading Microsoft Global ISV based in Malta, with US operations based in Atlanta, is pleased to announce its teaming up with TeamCentral, an innovative integration platform as a service (iPaaS) company.

This team-up will empower businesses with enhanced integrations, simplifying their data management across various systems and maximizing subscription-driven growth.

TeamCentral was created to solve the serious need for data management that is efficient across a variety of systems.

Specifically, with the rise in fragmented and disconnected data due to the proliferation of SaaS applications, TeamCentral developed the iPaaS solution Central. Central simplifies both data movement and management, cutting both costs and risks along the way.

The partnership between Bluefort and TeamCentral not only brings better integrations to customers, but allows joint customers of Bluefort’s solutions and TeamCentral integrations to re-sell the subscriptions they’ve bought from leading global cloud vendors. The partnership will also enable complex bundling scenarios, making it seamless for clients. And it will also result in better integration scenarios with custom SaaS platforms.

“At Bluefort, we constantly strive to enhance the experience for our customers and offer them the best solutions in the industry,” says Edward Borg Grech, CEO of Bluefort. “Our collaboration with TeamCentral aligns perfectly with this commitment. This collaboration is rooted in our shared vision to provide our customers with unparalleled integrations and bundling options. By teaming up with TeamCentral, we are poised to deliver a new level of innovation and value to our joint customers, particularly those utilizing our cutting-edge LISA platform in conjunction with TeamCentral.”

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Bluefort, a company that shares our unwavering commitment to customer success and innovation. At TeamCentral, our mission has always been to empower businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age. This collaboration with Bluefort represents a significant step towards achieving that mission,” says Andy Park, Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder at Team Central. “Our focus on providing better integration scenarios with custom SaaS platforms aligns perfectly with the evolving landscape of business technology. This partnership with Bluefort will open up new horizons for our customers, allowing them to harness the full potential of their SaaS solutions.”

To learn more about Bluefort and their subscription management software, visit For information on TeamCentral and their integration platform, visit

About Bluefort
Bluefort is a leading Global Microsoft ISV that specializes in innovative subscription management solutions for B2B businesses. Strongly customer and collaboration-focused, Bluefort helps organizations leverage the power of Microsoft technologies to drive digital transformation, foster profitability and scalability, and achieve their business goals.

About TeamCentral
TeamCentral is a company focused on optimizing productivity through improvements in how data is managed and governed across business systems. Their IPaaS platform, called Central, is the next generation in automation technology that pairs a low code integration platform with personalized “virtual assistants” that perform common (and sometimes complex) business tasks. Their low-code platform allows systems to talk to each other within days or weeks vs. months of coding, which is a more traditional approach to integration.