How much does a job listing cost?
Job listings are free for all registered users of

How long will it run?
Jobs will remain posted for 45 days.

When will my post go up?
Jobs will be posted immediately.

Can I change my job posting after it has been submitted?
Yes. After you have completed posting a new job, your job posting page will appear with an "Edit" tab at the top when you view it (only the jobs you have posted will have this Edit tab). You can use this tab to change the values and re-submit the job posting.

Can I delete my job posting before 30 days have passed?
Yes. Visit the "Edit" tab of your job posting and you will find a Delete button at the bottom of the page.

How does a job post here compare to one at a typical job site?
Job posts at put your jobs in front of an audience consisting entirely of Dynamics experts. Furthermore, job posts will reach thousands of our site members through our bi-weekly email newsletters for the different Dynamics software products.

Where can I ask other questions?
Contact us at

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