's customers include some of the leading Microsoft Dynamics ISVs and Partners. They love the constant flow of highly targeted and qualified sales leads they can access on a real-time basis--leads that make it to the top of sales pipelines. Here is what our customers have to say about our marketing and sales lead generation services.

Very High Response Rate for Our Campaign
"SalesFUSION recently ran an important promotion for our MS CRM ISV solution. Overall, the team at was professional, responsive and extremely easy to work with. For the investment required, we achieved a very high response rate to our campaign. In addition to our campaign, the directory and other promotional inclusions were great. I would highly recommend to any MS CRM ISV, that they give a good look at the promotional opportunities. A great group of people and a great service all around!"
– Kevin Miller, SalesFUSION
Key in Go-To-Market Strategy
" is a very important element of Accellos’ go-to-market strategy, today and in the future"
– Chris O’Shea, Accellos, Inc.
Virtual Conference is a Lead Generation Success
"Decisions 2009 was our first virtual event and I really did not know what to expect. I was not only amazed with the quantity and quality of leads we generated, but also by the great quality of the online chats we had with our booth visitors. The archive feature that documents every chat and contact details of all attendees who visited our booth, is a big advantage against live events."
– Myra-Bella Prins, AXtension
Easy Access to Rich Lead Data
"We are really satisfied with the self-serve ability to download leads provides. We’re not only impressed with the volume, but in the amount of data we’re receiving for each lead as well. This detailed information provides us with exactly the information we need to quickly determine if they are qualified for our business or not."
– Lisa Steinhart, vSync
Capture Highly Qualified Leads
“MSDynamicsWorld's Web marketing programs have significantly increased our web traffic helping us capture many highly qualified and targeted leads. In that respect they have more than paid for themselves. The programs have been a huge asset to our Marketing plan and we will continue to partner with MSDynamicsWorld in the years to come.”
– Amber Kirkman, Sunrise Technologies
Target Your Message at a Large Dynamics Audience
"Before I started working with, reaching the Microsoft Dynamics community was very difficult. has provided me with a means to specialize my marketing messages specifically for the products within the Dynamics pack. Since we specialize in Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP software integration, we can easily reach the actual market best suited for our product. I would recommend anyone that is specifically trying to reach this software select, to work hands on with, as they will provide tailored programs that fit your marketing budget and keep you up to date with all openings that may become available that you are not currently using. It has been an asset for us and we are pleased to have our banners and text included within their website and newsletters."
– Shannan Friedman, Equisys, Inc.
Reach Influencers and Decision Makers
“As an early adopter incorporating into our web lead gen program, we’ve found that the leads are highly targeted to the Microsoft Dynamics market of influencers and decision makers.”
– Heather Robinson, Scribe Software
Generate Interest Among Prospects in a Buying Cycle
“As a sponsor on, we have been able to achieve great visibility and generate interest among prospects that are truly in a buying cycle for Microsoft Dynamics AX. That has been very valuable to us as part of our overall marketing mix. The immediate access to leads has allowed us to respond quickly to potential prospects.”
– Denise Doyle, CDC Global Services
Connect With Your Target Community
“ has been a valuable vehicle for connecting with our target community of Dynamics AX and NAV end users and partners worldwide. Given the collaborative nature of our partnership, we have created a customized program that fits the needs of Bottomline’s evolving business, leverages the market expertise of our staff, and affords us the flexibility to support our growing portfolio of marketing assets. We’ve already seen measurable results from our participation and look forward to future success as the team continues to develop new, innovative opportunities for marketers focused on the Dynamics community.”
– Sarah DeSantis, Bottomline Technologies
Highly Targeted Readership
" offers a highly targeted readership and serves as an excellent resource for our customers and partners. Its advertising and sponsorship opportunities are key to our marketing mix and provide excellent visibility in our target markets, enabling us to reach a broader audience within the Microsoft Dynamics communities."
– Cyndy Player, ImageTag, Inc.