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Why Your Cloud Strategy Should Include Tax Automation for Dynamics

Businesses are moving to the cloud FAST. And one area where companies can benefit from cloud agility is tax compliance, due to its complex and dynamic nature. Additionally, recent changes to United States sales tax law, specifically the introduction of economic nexus, have accelerated the need for more real-time, reliable compliance solutions.

If your organization is planning a migration to the cloud, be sure to attend a 60-minute webinar with Avalara, a Seattle-based SaaS tax compliance company. As a Gold Microsoft Partner that already integrates with whichever Microsoft Dynamics product you rely on today, we will demonstrate how easy it can be to build tax compliance into your cloud migration plans.

The webinar will cover:

  • The current state of digital transformation
  • Why Microsoft Dynamics customers should automate sales tax
  • Cloud v. On-prem tax solutions
  • How Avalara can help make incorporating tax automation into your cloud migration plan for Microsoft Dynamics seamless
Rick Blue
Strategic Alliance Manager to Microsoft