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Why D365 CE/CRM Customers are Choosing a “Service as a Subscription” Model

As a Dynamics 365 CE customer, you have modernized your customer-facing tools and processes with a continually advancing cloud-based solution. Power Platform offers your organization even more ways to innovate. But despite these improvements to your world of CRM, the consultants who help you maintain and improve your solutions remain stuck in an old way of doing business, charging for Deployments, Customizations, Training, and Support on a time and materials basis. The result for your organization is unpredictable costs and an uneven, slow-moving technology journey.

Join us for a panel where we speak with D365 MVPs and customers on the benefits they have enjoyed by moving from a time and materials-based model to a modern “Services as a Subscription” model. We will discuss:

  • The common difficulties of legacy CRM project and support models
  • Common elements of a successful “Services as a Subscription”
  • The benefits experienced by customers working with their partner in a “Services as a Subscription” model including:
            - Predictable Cost Budgeting
            - Expert Resource Availability
            - Project Management
            - Unlimited training & support
Steve Mordue
Vladmir Sarov
Microsoft D365 MVP
Erik Zettersten
Head of Technology
Keith Perfect
Director of Technology & Intelligence
Northrop & Johnson
Kyle Benedetti
IT Manager
Vineyard Columbus
Rick McCutcheon
Dynamics 365 CE/CRM MVP