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Unleash the Power of Dynamics 365: How iPaaS Elevates Your Tech Stack and Maximizes ROI

You made your move to the cloud. Are you ready to take your tech stack to the next level? In this session we will dive into the transformative power of making an iPaaS part of your Dynamics setup to maximize the value of your solution. You will learn:

  • The ROI that D365 customers realize from great integration and process automation capabilities
  • Strategies to connect the dots between your disparate SaaS apps
  • How to tackle those pesky integration challenges and achieve a seamlessly connected enterprise.
  • How to adapt your operations in a modern and scalable way 

Dave Wallen, Director of Platform Product Marketing at Celigo, will guide you through the benefits of modern integration technology, sharing valuable insights and best practices along the way. So grab your seat and get ready to revolutionize your Dynamics experience!

Dave Wallen
Director of Product Marketing