Ten Best Practices for Master Data Management and Data Governance

Microsoft Dynamics Data Integration Webcast Series

Thursday, October 25, 2012 @ 12:00 PM EDT


For many companies, it's not if they'll implement some form of Master Data Management (MDM), it's when. This session will help you better understand MDM and data governance, present some useful MDM and data governance best practices, discuss pre-requisites like a robust data integration strategy, talk about what works and what doesn’t, cover the importance of a holistic approach, and discuss how to get the political aspects right.

Join Dan Power of Hub Designs for a new webcast on MDM and data integration with the following objectives:

  • Help attendees better understand master data management and data governance.
  • Pass on some useful data governance and MDM best practices.
  • Go beyond a "silver bullet" solution, addressing people/politics, process, technology & information.


Founder and President, Hub Solution Designs