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Supply Chain Compliance is Evolving: Don't Get Left Behind

This is one of four panel sessions in The March 2023 European Shipping Forum

All sessions are airing in CET (0900, 1200 and 1500)

Staying compliant with EU rules and regulations is becoming dramatically more important as the European Commission proposes to criminalize the violation of Ukraine-Russia-related EU sanctions. Risks for non-compliance in an increasingly global economy are growing while keeping up with new regulations is a significant challenge for any business.

Despite the growing demands, integrating screening and export trade compliance in D365 F&SCM doesn’t have to be costly and time-consuming. In this webinar, we’ll share the best practices that keep your supply chain flowing. Join us to better understand the standards, systems, and the current trade climate that keep your supply chains flowing.

Stefan Tarneberg
Director, Solution Consulting
Phil Stubbington
Henley Ridge Management Consulting Limited
Chris Winstanley
Vice President, Solutions Management
NMB Solutions Inc
Rick McCutcheon
Dynamics 365 CE/CRM MVP