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Run your Supply Chain Processes in the Azure IoT and Blockchain Cloud

Supply chain processes often require information collected in the field to validate transactions. Think of measurements of conditions of shipped goods, including storage temperature or humidity. This data is collected by different sensors at each stage of the supply chain, and validated in an immutable registry, represented by a blockchain digital ledger.

In this session, Stefano Tempesta, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP on AI and Business Applications, will demonstrate how to easily build supply chain workflows in the Power Platform that integrate IoT devices with a blockchain network using Logic Apps and Azure Blockchain Workbench. Relevant entities and data are stored in the Common Data Service (CDS). Transactions are validated by the execution of the associated smart contract on the blockchain that represents the appropriate projection of the entity that was added to the Common Data Model.

Stefano Tempesta
CTO, Microsoft Regional Director & MVP
Connecting Software