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Return to Workplace Technology: Enable Safe & Compliant HCM Strategies

Join us as we explore how to implement strategies for safely returning to work using Workforce Now® Return to Workplace Technology, touchless tools, and best practices for this new environment. Our 60-minute webinar will cover:

  • Research and statistics we’ve compiled to understand how business has been affected 

  • Best practices to follow as you prepare your team for returning to the work safely

  • Tools and strategies for implementing those best practices

  • A demo of Workforce Now® Return to Workplace Technology showcasing how it enables safe & compliant HCM strategies

This presentation is part of a new virtual event, the Dynamics Enavation Cloud Expo, running November 10 and 11. It features 25+ live sessions, a vendor expo hall, and more.

Ari Osur
VP, Product Marketing
Kristen Cadillac
Business Consultant