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Navigating the Dynamics 365 One Version Policy: Automated Regression Testing for ERP Excellence

The landscape of Dynamics 365 is evolving rapidly, and staying ahead is not just a choice; it's a necessity.

This webinar, hosted by Microsoft ERP expert Sune Engsig, will explain the fundamentals of Microsoft’s One Version model for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and the responsibilities that customer QA teams must face when investing in a cloud ERP future.

You will learn that there are benefits to the One Version mission for D365 businesses in the long run, but there are also implications for QA teams here and now. With One Version policies changing again soon, now is the moment to equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies that will propel your business forward and ensure that technical debt is not an option. 

Why join? 

  • Understand One Version and how it could affect your business
  • How D365 updates are rolled out
  • How to prepare by streamlining your testing processes
  • Learn how other D365 customers were able to scale their test automation in 3 months
Sune Engsig
VP Product