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Leveraging D365 F&O to Accelerate Subscription Revenue

Are you struggling to offer a great subscription management experience that improves customer engagement?

This free webinar will unveil the secrets to revolutionizing your subscription management in Dynamics 365 F&O with Bluefort LISA. We will show you how to zero-in on and convert untapped revenue streams. All through automation. We’ll answer these questions:

  • How can you identify customers that are ready for upselling, cross-selling, and renewals?
  • What rules should you set to find your ideal long-term customers?
  • How can you automate these processes for less stress, human error, and missed chances?

Our Smart Opportunities demo, within LISA Reach (sitting on top of Dynamics 365 F&O), will show you exactly how to automatically find and gain new customers, and keep the ones you already have. You’ll see how LISA can free up your time so you can do what you’re best at: selling.

Bjorn Kuijt
VP of Product
Rick McCutcheon
Dynamics 365 CE/CRM MVP