Inventory Reconciliation in Microsoft Dynamics AX: Easing Your Month End Pain

Microsoft Dynamics AX Educational Series

Friday, December 11, 2015 @ 12:00 PM EST


Reconciling inventory at month-end can be a daunting task and the challenge is even worse if you don't know where to look for discrepancies and their sources. Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics AX can make the process easier for you with pre-built reports designed specifically for inventory reconciliation and identifying discrepancies, making the whole process easier. 

In this free educational session, Microsoft MVP and I.B.I.S. Senior Consultant Frank Hamelly will walk you through two major components of the Dynamics AX inventory reconciliation capabilities:

  1. Inventory valuation reports 
  2. Investigating discrepancies

Join us to learn how to make the appropriate adjustments and close the books more easily than ever.  


Senior Consultant, I.B.I.S., Inc.