Improve Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Adoption with Organizational Change Management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Webcast Series

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 @ 12:00 PM EDT


With Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions becoming far more mature and heavily integrated, the approach to implementing must also change. Early adopters had to focus on customizing the application to meet the needs of specific users, since most CRM solutions were simply frameworks; and they didn't consider the impact to the overall business. To better address this issue, companies put a lot of effort into requirements gathering and mapping the business processes to their CRM solutions. 

Utilizing an Organizational Change Management (OCM) approach for CRM projects is the process of planning and designing the solution by first focusing on the overall business impact in such a way as to minimize employee resistance and cost while simultaneously maximizing the effectiveness of the change effort. This session will explore OCM concepts and practices, including:

  • What is OCM and how do you articulate the vision?
  • Utilizing the OCM methodology during business readiness scoping to drive business engagement
  • Understanding the right approach and the importance of change management
  • The importance of utilizing roadmaps and business readiness dashboards
  • Modernizing your data and user experience


Director and Organizational Change Management Practice Lead, Emtec Inc.
CRM Practice Lead, Emtec Inc.